Mary Thompson – a town of many stories

Mareeba, a town of many stories. The land on which Mareeba stands has been the traditional land of the Muluridgi people for thousands of years. ... read more

Kamber Ahmet

I am Susan Healy, nee Ahmet. I was born in Mareeba in 1951. This is the story of my grandparents and the Ahmet family. My... read more

Anka Barbir

This is Anka’s story in her own words I, Anka Barbir was born in Privlaka on the Dalmatian peninsular in 1943.  From my village you... read more

Luka Barbir

This is Luka’s story told in his own words I, Luka Barbir, was born in 1933 on a small farm in Prolog, a tiny village... read more

Giacomo & Grazia Bombardieri

This is Giacomo and Grazia Bombardieri’s story, told by their son Angelo. I am Angelo Bombardieri.  I was born in Mareeba on 28 December 1943,... read more

Michelli (Mick) Borzi

This is Mick’s story in his own words I am Michelli (Mick) Borzi, born 24 July 1933 in Innisfail. I was the third of 4... read more

Franc & Gabrijela Brezavscek

This is Franc & Gabrijela Brezavscek’s story, told by their daughter Amalia I Amalia Goulding, was born in Italy in 1950 after my parents Franc... read more

Linda Carucci

This is Linda’s story in her own words I Linda Carucci was born in Towchester England in August 1941.  My parents were Scottish but dad... read more

Joze Cek

This is Joze Cek’s story told by his widow, Milena Cek Joze Cek was a 9-year-old living in Slovenia when World War 2 ended and... read more

Alfio & Giovanna Cuzzubbo

This is Alfio and Giovanna Cuzzubbo’s story, told by their son Rossario I am Rossario Cuzzubbo, the youngest of four children born to Alfio and... read more

Zoulihr and Louiza Demi

This is Zoulihr Demi and Louiza Demi’s story, told by their granddaughter and daughter Susan. I am Susan Healy. I was born in Mareeba in... read more

Gilmore Family

The Gilmore History in North Queensland, told by Tom Gilmore and Marjorie Gilmore. Members of the Gilmore family moved to North Queensland in the 1880s.... read more

Ferruccio Ius

This is Ferruccio’s story in his own words. I am Ferruccio IUS (Frank) born in Friuli, northern Italy on the 10 September 1936. I was... read more

Linda Jaques

This is Linda’s story, told in her own words. My name is Linda Jaques. I was born in 1953 in Zanzibar, an island off the... read more

Raif Latif

This is Raif Latif’s story as told by his son, Ramadan. Raif Latif was born on the 9th of April, 1927 in a small village... read more

Sirkku Helena Mulla

This is Helen Mulla’s story, told in her own words. My name is Sirkku Helena (Helen) Mulla nee Neiminen. I was born on 9 January... read more

Peters Family

This is the Peters Family story, in Cardie Peters’ words. I am Cardwell Peters (Cardie) born in Mareeba on 8 February 1936. I was born... read more

Fabio Petrusa

This is Fabio’s story, told in his own words. I was born in 1939 the fifth child of seven. The war began soon after and... read more

Miguel Samanes

This is Miguel’s story in his own words. I am Miguel Samanes.  I was born in Pamplona, capital of Navarra, Spain, on 14 February 1950. ... read more

Rafet Shaban

This is Rose’s story in her own words. My name is Rafet Shaban. I am called Rose.  I was the 4th of 15 children born... read more

Filip Srhoj

This is Filip Srhoj’s story, told by his son Tito Srhoj. I, Tito Stipan Srhoj was born in Mareeba on 22 April 1945.  This is... read more

Ye Vang

This is Ye Vang’s story in her own words. I am Ye Vang, born on 5 September 1952 in a village in the area of... read more

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